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Welcome to Bollysteps - Where Tradition Meets Passion

Bollysteps Dance Academy is bollywood fusion dance school located in Sammamish and Redmond, Washington, Bollysteps offers dance classes in Bollywood Dancing, Folk, Semi-classical and much more for all ages. Our mission is to get kids to unleash their creativity, style, and personality. Kids are trained to participate in Bollysteps annual recital called Nachle.

Our Vision

To spread the passion for Bollywood dance, making Bollysteps a space for creative expression giving everyone the chance to dance.

Our Mission

To offer transformative dance experiences that celebrate India's rich dance heritage, fostering community, creativity, and wellness for all ages and backgrounds.

Neetha Tulluri - Founder of BollySteps

Neetha Tuluri, the visionary director behind Bollysteps Dance! Inspired by the vibrant world of Indian movies, costumes, and choreography, Neetha has dedicated herself to spreading the joy of Bollywood dance far and wide. She began her dance journey at a very young age, teaching herself various Bollywood dance styles. She is also trained Kathak and Odissi dancer.

For the past 17+ years, Neetha has been teaching dance in the Seattle area, enriching the lives of her students and the community. Her artistic vision, coupled with her commitment to excellence, led her to create the Bollysteps Dance Academy with just 4 students which has grown to over 200+ students, a testament to Neetha’s dedication and the quality of her teaching.

Bollysteps Dance is Located in Sammamish, WA, offers dance classes in Bollywood, Folk, Semi-classical dancing, Bollywood Hip Hop, and much more for adults, kids, and teens of all ethnic backgrounds. BollySteps’ mission is to get you to unleash your creativity, style, and personality, while providing you opportunities to not just grow in dance but also in leadership roles. The school takes pride in making its classes fun, accessible, and challenging and is committed to the long-term development of our students. All the students regardless of age are trained to participate in our year-end spectacular annual recital Nachle.

Neetha Tuluri believes that “Anyone can dance or achieve anything in life as long as we are Passionate, Persistent, and Patient until it’s achieved. It is not the skill but the perseverance that makes you successful.

Why Choose Us?

Everyone Deserves The
Chance to dance

At Bollysteps, we believe in the power of dance to inspire, uplift, and energize. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your very first steps onto the dance floor, our studio is your home for artistic expression, fitness, and community.

Experienced Trainers

Our passionate and skilled instructors bring years of experience and expertise to every class.

Authentic Costumes

We make sure every dancer feels confident on stage in a costume which not only shines on stage but also is authentic to their dance.

Performance Opportunities

From informal studio showcases to full-scale productions, we provide numerous opportunities for our students to showcase their talents and shine on stage.


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